A Letter to Travel


By Theano Dimopoulou

The Croft Magazine // At a time when their relationship is somewhat distant, Theano gets back in touch with travel.

Dear Travel,

I cannot wait to start packing for a new trip again. I want to pick a new destination off my bucket list, to start planning outfits, checking the weather, possible activities so I am ready as I can be. Check my budget and start looking for a hotel.

I have missed the feeling of waking up at 5am to go to the airport. The crisp cold air outside, with a hot cup of hot cocoa in my hand. Going to a quiet yet full-of-people airport. The excitement and anticipation of what that new trip has in store. The airplane is off, and, in a few hours, I will be in a new, unknown destination full of endless possibility. Will I fall in love with this place, or will I hate it? I do not care at this point. I just want travel to be possible - want the exciting feeling of a new adventure.

One thing I never thought I would miss is the airplane food. The fear of what I have in front of me. The choice between sleeping so time goes by faster or eating the strange concoction of foods on my tray.; and I am not even a picky eater.

I have missed the feeling of going shopping in a new city with “I’ve never been here before; you never know what I could find” as an excuse. I have missed the feeling of going through a phone full of pictures and feeling nostalgic of how fun my trip was. The only trip I have taken in the last few months was a rush home to make sure I was safe for a global pandemic. The trip was to make sure that if the worst happens I would be close to my family. I had so many plans for this year. My adult life is just starting, and I have the whole world to explore. COVID-19 has disturbed those plans.

I miss coming home. I miss that feeling of comfort - being home for the first time in days. The fresh sheets and the comfortable bed. The environment I am used to, in a place I know like the back of my hand. Sitting on my couch with comfy clothes talking on the phone with my friends, filling them in on all of my adventures.

Thank you for all this travel. Hope I get to see you again.

Featured Image: Epigram / Theano Dimopoulou