More than 1500 Bristol students test positive for coronavirus


By Teddy Coward, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students has surpassed 1500 at the University of Bristol.

The figure, published today in the University’s daily update, stands at 1529 confirmed cases among students, while 38 staff have also tested positive.

The updated figures show that, of the University’s 28,000 students and 7,000 staff, almost one in 18 students have the virus, compared to one in 184 staff members.

The University was previously disclosing whether the infected staff had been on campus. This information is not given in today’s update; the University states that ‘data includes those both on and off campus and does not indicate where the virus might have been contracted.’

The University have said the daily statistics are primarily based on students and staff using the self-reporting form and that this data is then reinforced, and occasionally added to by figures from Public Health England (PHE).

A readjustment to the case number has therefore been made retrospectively, leading to the sharp rise in over 200 cases from yesterday.

The University have added: ‘Looking ahead, we will continue to update our statistics on a daily basis, while amending our own numbers wherever necessary in accordance with PHE adjustments once or twice a week. This enables us to continue to present as accurate a position as possible.

In Bristol as a whole, where the rate per 100,000 population is currently at 323.1, the number of Covid-19 cases is also growing, with 1,497 cases confirmed in the last seven days.

Featured Image: Epigram / Siavash Minoukadeh

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