Extenuating circumstances to be offered to students impacted​ by BLM movement


By Georgiana Scott, Deputy Editor

The University of Bristol has said students can now apply for extenuating circumstances if their summer assessments have been affected by events relating to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The announcement, which is yet to be formally made to students, was sent in an email to all Heads of Schools at the University.

The email reads: 'Schools should be aware that students may submit ECs around how events relating to the Black Lives Matter movement have affected them in the assessment period.

'As with all ECs these should be reviewed with empathy and understanding, particularly around the profound impact this is having on some of our students.'

Undergraduate Education Officer, Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, urged the University to make the decision after highlighting how the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed could have caused some students to underperform in their exams.

In response to the email sent today, she said: 'I hope that this will be one of many steps the University is taking to support our Black and BAME students going forward.

'The wellbeing and experience of Black and BAME students, as well as their academic attainment, has been heavily impacted by racism, injustice and inequality.

'It's time that we see more proactive measures like this to support them in their education and university experience.'

A similar decision was made by Oxford University earlier this week where they also announced mitigating circumstances for students affected by the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

Featured Image: Rufus Atkins

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