£800 fine for UoB students who disregard social distancing measures


By Georgiana Scott, Investigations Editor

The announcement follows reports of Bristol students flouting the government's rules on gatherings.

The University of Bristol has warned students that if they do not comply with social distancing rules, they could receive fines of up to £800.

Pro Vice-Chancellor Sarah Purdy has warned students that those who do not comply with the new government guidance on social distancing, could face 'fines up to £800 and a recording of the misconduct and penalty on [their] central University record, which may be referred to in references.'

The government announced the new social distancing measures in an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Their advice centres on reduced social interaction and the avoidance of both large and small gatherings.

However, Bristol University has received reports of students continuing to engage in 'anti-social behaviour' and who 'disregard the advice around social distancing and isolation' in both halls of residence and rented accommodation.

In an email to all students, Sarah Purdy called on all students to 'comply with the Government guidance.'

She said, 'Not to do so is risking the health and safety of the community around you, including fellow students, and staff who are working hard and at their own risk to support you.

She signed off the email by warning, 'Students need to be aware that we will pursue such misconduct to the full extent possible given the gravity of the current threat to our University community and wider society.'

You can find the University's latest information and advice concerning Covid-19 here.

Featured image: Epigram / Patrick Sullivan

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