Students may have to take summer exams online amid concerns over coronavirus


By Imogen Horton, Co-Editor in Chief and Maddy Russell, News Editor

Members of senior management have confirmed that students may have to take their summer exams online or take 'open book' exams, amid concerns surrounding the spread of coronavirus.

In an interview Pro-Vice Chancellor Sarah Purdy stated that the University will be implementing additional measures to contain the potential spread of the disease.

Preventative steps taken could include having students take their exams online and postponing graduation ceremonies, in order to minimise transmission of the virus.

Speaking to Epigram, Professor Purdy also confirmed that areas of the University may have to be closed, should there be an outbreak on campus. However, any decision to close the institution entirely would likely have to be taken by Public Health England.

This comes following the news on Monday that widespread transmission of coronavirus within the UK is now looking 'highly likely.'

Management also confirmed that it was considering the possibility of self-isolating halls and that a large number of take-away boxed had been purchased, in order ensure that students living in catered-halls were still able to eat dinner.

Advice for international students, who may be wishing to go home for the Easter holidays, is currently still being modelled and will be released on Monday the 9th of March.  

Despite the potential for disruption caused by the virus, Professor Purdy confirmed that the she was 'pretty confident' that final year students would still be able to complete their degrees according to a normal time-scale.

Students were also reminded to wash their hand frequently and to continue checking the University's website for updated advice on the spread of the disease.

Featured image: Cameron Scheijde/Epigram

Students who are concerned that they may have contracted coronavirus are advised to self-isolate at home and contact the NHS's 111 service