Meet the team behind FUZE: Managing Director Jazz Zervos aims to showcase a wide range of talent


By May Garland, Second Year English

The Croft Magazine //  Get to know the team behind Bristol University’s unique arts fashion show as Epigram Style sits down with FUZE's Managing Director

FUZE fashion show is a combination of fashion, art, dance and music, each year the show embraces a theme and a charity to donate to. As the excitment builds, Epigram Style are getting to know the team behind FUZE, continuing with Managing Director Jazz Zervos.

Jazz took time out of her busy schedule to chat with me about all things fashion over a cup of coffee. The FUZE Managing Director revealed her inspiration behind applying for the role and more about the diverse talent in FUZE fashion show. Her confident and approachable demeanour matched the vivacious atmosphere of the café as she disclosed what her role entails in the production of the show.

FUZE / Alice Sutton 

Can you give me some details on what FUZE fashion show is?

FUZE started in 2003 and is a collaboration of music, fashion and dance to raise money for charity. The event is an appreciation of talent and a spectacle for all audiences.

FUZE / M32 Cafe - Editorial Shoot / Alice Sutton and Max Fullerton

What does your role as Managing Director entail?

I was initially responsible for sourcing roles and acquiring a team for the show, now I work in creative curation. I work closely with all directors in the production of FUZE to source venues, execute deadlines and incorporate my own thoughts into the fundraising and marketing campaign. I wanted this process to be a collaboration of lots of people’s creative ideas.

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What were your inspirations and motivations behind wanting to participate?

I heard about FUZE before coming to Bristol. I think it is a fantastic production that uniquely incorporates different realms of the art industry. I prefer fashion shows that showcase a wide range of talent from dance, art and music and FUZE is a great community as well as a melange of talent.

How did you get your position in FUZE?

I originally auditioned for dance in FUZE in my first year at University, but missed the audition and had to re-apply the year after. I have always been interested in the arts and have choreographed dances, directed shows like the Student Union’s production of Rent and during my gap year in Paris I worked in the production team of the fashion shows. I have an eye in all departments and experience in a large scale direction which made me suitable for the role.

"I wanted this process to be a collaboration of lots of people’s creative ideas."

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is a good bridge between modern and retro. I wear a lot of black but I like to add a patterned motif or pop of colour. I do borrow a lot of clothes from my mum’s wardrobe, she has great style.

Jazz’s outfit revealed her eye for fashion, rocking bright red nails and a deep navy turtle neck jumper. Her 60’s vibe, brown drop hoop earrings gave her outfit a vintage twist on casual chic.

FUZE 2020: Metamorphosis - The Butterfly Effect
13th & 14th March 2020 @ The Loco Klub
In aid of Second Step, a Bristol-based mental health charity.

Featured: FUZE / Alice Sutton and Max Fullerton

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