White Supremacy posters found on campus


By Maddy Russell, News Editor

The posters are thought to be one of a number of posters put up around Clifton

Posters with the slogan ‘It’s okay to be white’ have been put up around the University in what is believed to be a White Supremacist act.

In a post on Facebook the group Staff-Student Solidarity expressed their ‘disgust’ at the posters, stating that the phrase is considered to be commonly used amongst the trans-Atlantic fascist movement.

Posters are believed to have been placed around Woodland Road, Tyndall Avenue and the Hawthorns.

It is understood  by Epigram that some posters may have been removed by students, in protest against their content.

A spokesperson for the University said: ' The University of Bristol aspires to be a community where everyone should feel safe, welcomed and respected.

'Together with the Students’ Union, we have been working actively with staff and students to ensure that our commitment to inclusion, diversity and equality is reflected in all aspects of our University.

'It appears that the posters have so far only been seen in public spaces – we have not had any reports of them being put up in University premises.

'We would ask that if anyone sees one of these posters on university premises, they take them down and contact security services.'

Featured Image: Epigram/ Imogen Horton

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