Bristol's Political Candidates


By Oliver Cohen Digital Features Editor , Tom May Head of web development and Lily Evans 3rd Year English.

With the election only days away are you still undecided on who to vote for? Browse Bristol's election candidates and see what they're campaigning for and who they are. Whoever you vote for, stay informed.

Click or tap the right and left arrows to change PARTY and the up and down to change CONSTITUENCY.

(Please note: some constituency's have 4 candidates and others 5, this may lead to a switch of parties as you change constituency. )

More information on them can be found at the links below. Please see the bottom for photo credits.

Bristol North West:

Darren Jones

Mark Weston

Chris Coleman

Heather Mack

Bristol East:

Kerry McCarthy

Sarah Codling

Nicholas Coombes

Conan Connolly

Tim Page

Bristol West:

Thangam Debbonaire

Suria Aujla

Carla Denyer

Neil Hipkiss

Bristol South:

Karin Smyth

Richard Morgan

Andrew Brown

Tony Dyer

Robert de Vito Boutin

Photo Credits:

Conservative: Courtesy of the candidates;

Liberal Democrats : Courtesy of the Liberal Democrats

Brexit: Courtesy of the candidates

Labour: Courtesy of the Labour Party

Green: Courtesy of the Green party , photo's ©

Featured Image: Courtesy of Robert de Vito Boutin, The Labour Party, The Liberal Democrats, The Green Party ( © and Richard Morgan

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