The Beauty of Bedminster


By Amelia Shoebridge 3rd Year Sociology

It may not be your first thought for a trip away from the the Bristol student bubble, but as will become apparent, Bedminster is a lesser known but ever vibrant and interesting destination. Find out about what south of the city has to offer.

The un-sung quarter of our city. Located south of the river, it is an area most students won’t step foot into. Don’t let its unfamiliarity to so many have you believe its unworthy of a visit, instead just remind yourself that unless it’s The Triangle, Clifton or Stokes Croft, no students have been there anyway.

You can take a 360-degree tour of Bedminster and find all your needs met. To not shy away from the drab necessity that is food shopping, a not quite so hidden delight is Asda- a beauty in its own right. Massive selection, from food to household goods and clothes. And if it couldn’t get any better, knock you for six, it’s a miracle... the Golden Arches, the oily glory that is McDonald’s is within the Asda. A wonder of the highest order.

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If you fancy a peck whilst your wandering about, those of a vegan palette should visit VX. A vegan junk food café, offering burgers, nachos and cakes amongst other vegan treats.

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Those with a keen-eye for ‘proper’ greasy fry up will know areas such as Clifton and City Centre lack institutions offering these. For the times when you don’t want an avocado or anything topped with seeds on your brekkie then Bedminster is the place for you. Its high street offers an array of gloriously greasy spoons, with names such as Sunshine Café, providing you with the best kind of laminated picture menus to inform your choice. A worthy remedy for any hangover/break-up/catch-up scenario.

When the stresses of university life become too much, then get yourself down to Windmill City Farm, located in the centre of Bedminster. It has goats to stroke, pigs to pet and horses to feed apples too. Alongside having a delightful café, it really is a spot to unwind and return to nature.

it really is a spot to unwind and return to nature.

Before there was Depop and it became Instagram caption worthy to put ‘thrifted’ or ‘sustainable’ under the images you upload online of yourself, there was charity shops. If retail therapy if your thing, these traditionally slightly musky shop floors with women of your grandma’s age controlling the tills are the ticket. Containing treasure troves of affordable and often wacky clothes, charity shops are abundant in Bedminster.

Like Bristol the area is varied in architecture and sights | Flickr / Miltof

Not yet lost to a bygone era, markets are still a wonderful place to whittle away a few hours. Tobacco Factory located in Bedminster holds one every Sunday, with over 40 stalls of food, skincare and clothes it’s a great place to head for Christmas shopping.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, Bedminster is set to undergo some ‘regeneration.’ Its proximity to the city centre, temple meads and excellent transport links make it a prime spot for development. St Catherine’s Place, now a not-quite-shiny-new-yet-still-loved shopping centre is set for a multi-million-pound revamp. Tower blocks, a new cinema and restaurants are set to replace the existing shopping quarter. Though this will bring in new revenue, if it’s at the cost of community cohesion, locals may resent the change.
Before you bid farewell to this quirky city, pop down to Bedminster. To know Bristol is to see it beyond the perimeter of the student bubble.

Featured Image : Flickr/ Nick

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