UoB sustainability societies - An Epigram guide


By Ellie Brown, News Subeditor

Bristol University and the wider city has an overwhelming number of sustainability groups tackling climate change. Epigram got in contact with some old and newly formed societies to bring you a list of the ones you could join.

1. Healthy Planet Bristol

Focus: Getting climate into curriculums

‘Healthy Planet raises awareness of the effects of the climate crisis on human health. We campaign for medical schools to include this in their curriculums and carbon reduction strategies in medical institutions. We also attend climate strikes, put on events for our members, and run school rojects where volunteers can teach the next generation about sustainability. If you want to play an active role in combating the climate crisis, we are the society for you!’ - Esme Hedley, Communications Lead for the society

Join their Facebook page or/and sign up to their mailing list

2. University of Bristol Environmental and Energy Law Society

Focus: understanding/learning environmental law

‘Our society is passionate about all things environmental with a special focus on how the law and environment intertwine. We have a number of exciting events planned, ranging from engaging speakers and career events, to debates. As a new law society there is so much scope for all of our members to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy for the benefit of the world we all share.’ - Nicole Hilton, Co-founder and Vice President.

Environmental and Energy Law Society at Freshers' Fair | Epigram / Georgiana Scott 

Join this group through the Student Union website,  follow them on Instagram/Facebook and check out their blog.

Get in contact: bristoleels@gmail.com

3. Bristol Energy Society

Focus: Learning about renewables and the energy sector

‘The Energy Society is an academic society for students interested in the energy industry and wider environmental issues. We aim to enrich the commercial knowledge of our members through interesting articles and guest speakers. We also inform our members of local energy conferences and talks. New members are encouraged to like our Facebook page and join for free through the SU website.’ - Jake Connor, President of Bristol Energy Society

Join this group through the Student Union Website, follow them on Facebook and read their blog.

Get in contact: bristolenergysociety@gmail.com

4. People & Planet

Focus: Holding institutions to account

‘People and Planet is a humanitarian and environmental activism society that believes money talks. This year, we plan to hold the university to its ongoing promise of divestment from the fossil fuel industry, as well as continue to negotiate with the university over issues with the border. Students should join if they want to get involved in how the university lives up to its ethical promises – all experience levels and commitment capacity welcome!’ - Grace Carroll, Outreach Officer

People & Planet protest / People & Planet 

5. Fashion Forward  

Focus: Eco-friendly style

‘Fashion forward helps students maintain a sustainable wardrobe. This year we will be running monthly sessions where members can learn the skills to do this. These include upcycling clothes, for example by marbling tote bags and cropping and hemming, as well as other techniques such as embroidery, applique and fabric painting. By joining, students will get to know the slow fashion industry, promote sustainability and be part of a fun and creative community!’ - Fashion Forward representative

6. Roots Community Gardening

Focus: Getting back to nature

‘Roots Community Gardening is a group of students making Bristol a greener place by maintaining the green spaces around the city, including the University campus. This year we will be harvesting vegetables, sowing wildflower meadows, clearing the back gardens of people in need of help and much more. Roots help students to get outside and meet new people in a relaxed environment while doing something positive for the wider community!’ - Roots Team

Roots Community Gardening team / Roots

Join this group through the Student Union website and follow them on Facebook

7. Bristol University Conservation Group

Focus: Travelling in the UK

'If you like the outdoors, wildlife or just eating biscuits the BUCG is the society to join. We have many trips around Bristol and further afield including Brown Sea Island, Anglesey, and Berrow Dunes. Our society began in 1972 and has achieved the Bronze Balloon Accreditation Award. Our committee runs regular socials: pub quizzes, game nights and plant pot decorating. This year we are planning to do more talks on conservation and increase the number of residential trips' - Laura Reeves, Co-President.

Join this group through the Student Union website, visit their website, and follow their Facebook group.

Featured: People & Planet protest / People & Planet

Interested in signing up? Search for each group on Bristol SU's website