Stude​nt rent strike is to go ahead


By Zoë Crowther, Students' Union Correspondent

Over 100 students have pledged to join, so a rent strike organised by Bristol, Cut the Rent is set to take place.

Since the University has failed to meet a set of demands brought to them by Cut the Rent in early March, the campaign group is calling for further action which could see at least 100 University halls residents withholding rent.

Is your rent too high?

Bristol, Cut the Rent are calling a rent strike for students living in halls.

Do you want to see 50% of university halls to cost less than half of the maximum maintenance loan?

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Posted by Bristol SU on Friday, 15 March 2019

In a statement posted on Facebook, Cut the Rent said: 'Over the last 3 years of the Cut the Rent campaign, the University have consistently ignored our demands for affordable halls. Whereas average halls rent is £30pw above the national average. Only 1% of beds are at or below half the maximum maintenance loan.

'After the University ignored our petition signed by over 600 members of the University community, we called a rent strike - where students living in University-owned halls pledge to withhold their rent if 100 other students join them.

'Over 100 students have pledged to join the rent strike so the strike will be going ahead if the University don’t listen to our demands. We are tired of being ignored and exploited by this University, and we are taking a stand for decent and affordable housing for all students.'

Cut the Rent specifically called out for student living in halls to join the strike. Epigram shall provide further information on the details of the rent strike as the situation develops.

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Zoë Crowther

Students' Union Correspondent