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You’ve probably heard something about the elections which are taking place 12-14 March. Nominations for all the positions are now closed, and it’s time to get voting! Why should you vote? Here are a few quick reasons…

1) It only takes 5 minutes

It’s true, it really doesn’t take long to vote. You could vote between lectures, as procrastination whilst you’re studying, or from the comfort of your own home. There’s no particular place to be as it is done online. So there’s really no excuse!

2) Get the candidate you want

The people you are voting for will be representing you and your views to the university for the next year. That’s pretty important, so you might as well vote for a candidate whose policies you agree with.

3) Everyone has someone to vote for

Whether you’re interested in the sabbatical officers who lead the union, or who represents you on your course, we’ll be electing hundreds of students. At least one of the positions will directly affect you so even if you only vote for one role, it’s worth doing.


4) We’ll stop pestering you

Once you’ve voted for all the positions you can we’ll stop emailing you about it. Simple.

5) 10% off in The Balloon Bar

Once you’ve voted in the elections you’ll be able to claim 10% off food or drink in The Balloon Bar up until the end of March. Easy way to save some cash!

6) Your vote will make a difference

These reps are usually only in post for just one year. That means that they can only focus on a few key things. You want to make sure that the reps who are voted in are the ones who are going to focus on the issues that are most important to you. It could make a big difference to your time at University, and the lives of future students.

Find out more and make your votes online at #SUYesYou

Featured Image: Bristol SU


Hannah Worthington

Online Editor 2018/19 | Online Style Editor 2017/18 Undergraduate English and Theatre Student