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By Bethany Marris, Online Music Editor

BeeBooked is an app that enables students to market their skills, free of charge within a growing community of Bristolians and parents.

As a student, finding and obtaining paid work can be tricky. Timetables often prohibit being able to totally commit to mid-week shifts, even in subjects with low or fewer contact hours. Of course, there’s always the ‘option’ to work weekends, yet this may mean sacrificing visits to, and from family, partners and friends. More importantly, uni-work can intensify in phases and your time can become even more valuable. This is where BeeBooked may help.

Not to be confused with bumble, BeeBooked is a recently developed, Bristol-based app that is designed to help you trade your ‘skills’ in the hours that suit you. These ‘skills’ may be anything from language, A-level or music tutoring to providing services as a running partner.

To paint a clearer picture, the skills and services of current users of the app also include:

  • Childminding and Babysitting
  • Photography
  • Hair Styling and Makeup Artistry
  • Personal Training
  • Copywriting

As mentioned, the app is still in its infancy, yet it has a growing community of parents and Bristolians who are looking for help. Signing up to BeeBooked could be a great, contract-free way of marketing your talents and gaining some work experience locally. With no dowload or registration cost you've got nothing to lose!

Click here to download the app on Google Play.

Click here to download the app on the Apple Store.

Featured Image: Beebooked/ Beebooked Twitter

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