Study cafes to the rescue


By Erin Lawler, Epigram Food Writer

Is the constant lack of space in the ASS Library getting you down? Can you not stand the heat of Senate House so you have to get out of the student kitchen? Here are some alternative study spaces in the form of cafes to make you feel more relaxed and welcome rather than stressed and scrutinised.

Convivio @ Cotham Hill

This café has to be top pick for me. Situated on Cotham Hill it’s the perfect location for anyone living in the student hub of Redland/Cotham and close enough to the University to pop into (God forbid) the stress pulsing ASS to grab a book or two. It is pretty quiet which is really good for keeping up concentration throughout those long hours of revision and is open from 9am to 11pm Tuesday-Saturday and 10am to 5pm to facilitate said dreaded long hours. To make such times more bearable, as well as 20% student discount on all food and drink, they have some great deals for those well-needed breaks like their 2-for-1 pizza deal on Tuesdays. An extremely relaxing atmosphere in a stressful time.

Boston Tea Party @ Park Street

There is so much space in the upstairs of this Boston Tea Party that you can almost always find a table. It is really lovely throughout the day with sunlight streaming in from all sides through their big windows. With free Wi-Fi you will never want for a connection. This was a typical haunt for me last year when I lived nearby and had essays to edit and submit. The food at Boston has to be my favourite of any coffee chain and will definitely keep you going throughout the revision and essay-writing filled days, I would highly recommend their eggy bread topped with bacon, avocado and roasted tomatoes – it sounds simple but oh boy does it deliver on flavour!

Café Nero @ Queens Road

While it can be very full at this chain hot spot with office workers and University goers it is definitely more buzzing with sound than busy with noise so no need to worry about it affecting your zone. With one of the best sugary hot chocolates around as well as delicious cappuccinos – bring on the caffeine – you definitely won’t be lacking in energy. Being close to University and the atmosphere of academia really helps get you in the headspace to work hard but also offers a little respite from the deadlier quiet and guilt inducing study spaces and libraries.

Brew Coffee Co @ Whiteladies Road

Brew can be very busy around lunchtime so it is not inducive of hard work and hard-core revision but is more for a break from exactly that. With a cosy atmosphere and welcoming staff, you feel you are able to relax here and give your mind a rest before recommencing revision after a Brew break. With lovely food again, such as their delicious homemade baked beans, you will feel feulled for the next half of the revision sesh.

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Featured image: Unsplash/Lonely Planet