Erin Lawler


Bristol's best burgers

While great burger chains do exist like GBK and Five Guys and great chains do good burgers like Bill’s, Bristol offers a plethora of amazingly delicious, more unique burger places and I am here to rank my Top 5.
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Study cafes to the rescue

Is the constant lack of space in the ASS Library getting you down? Can you not stand the heat of Senate House so you have to get out of the student kitchen? Here are some alternative study spaces in the form of cafes to make you feel more relaxed and welcome rather than stressed and scrutinised.
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Review: The Great British Bake Off’s vegan week

By Erin Lawler, Epigram Food writer As someone who is not a vegan and has never really considered plant-based alternatives
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My foody trip to Florence

Whilst best known for its culture and influence in shaping the Renaisaance, Florence is also the sight of traditional and delicious dishes that will attract any real food-lover.
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