Lost students, charity and even a little skinny dipping. We talk to RAG.


By Oliver Cohen , Deputy-Online Editor

Bristol RAG’S signature event, Lost , where students have to navigate back from a mystery location, is only a day away! We met Kyle Welch, RAG’s President and Annabel Diong their Lost organising chief, for a quick chat about all things RAG and why they think you should get involved.

Why should students get involved?

It’s really fun and gives you the opportunity to partake in events you would not usually be able to get involved in like Lost and Jailbreak. There’s also the naked calendar and a lot of smaller events so gives a little something for everyone!
It also is a great opportunity to push yourself outside your comfort zone and enables you to try something new that you may have never even considered yourself doing before!

RAG is a cross species society! Image: Bristol RAG

What has RAG achieved in the past?

We are fairly sure we’re the oldest society in the students union. We have been running and raising money for charitable causes since the 1920’s! In that time up to hundreds of thousands of pounds each year have, through student-run events and schemes, made their way to good causes helping a variety of issues and people. We pride ourselves on being one of a minority of societies who are community focused with a strong drive to give back!

RAG members at a previous fundraising event. Image: Bristol RAG

What events can we expect to see?

This weekend we have our Lost challenge where we are going to take 50 students from the SU at midnight and dump them in a forest somewhere and get them to race back, all the while raising money for charity and doing challenges along the way, which might include a little skinny dipping!

Slightly further on next term, we have the opposite, Jailbreak, where Bristol students will be tasked with getting as far away from Bristol as possible!
We also have some smaller events such as the naked calendar, pub quiz and karaoke and social events throughout the year!

Why are you guys passionate as committee members?

Kyle: I joined in my second year to help out various causes and charities and have gained so much more in that time due to the wonderful committee RAG is made up of. I’ve got to meet some amazing people and help some amazing causes along the way.

Annabel: As the hitchhike officer I've learned many skills alongside the charity work. As such I’ve gained so much more from RAG than just its charity aspect. I want to change the view and debunk some of the myths of hitchhiking so everyone can enjoy the great aspects of it.

Featured Image: Bristol RAG

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