'Fast Food Shutdown': Bristol riders protest against delivery pay


Bristol couriers working for Deliveroo and UberEats take strike action over unfair pay and lack of communication from employers

Riders, among them many students at the University, began their protest at 6pm this evening by McDonald's in Broadmead to improve the shocking pay of £2.80 per delivery.

Travelling up Park Street, couriers demanded better pay and respect from employers who take advantage of their working hours.

UberEats & Deliveroo Courier strike flyer

UberEats and Deliveroo cyclists only get paid per delivery, meaning their pay varies day to day and with expenses, and so many couriers struggle to make minimum wage.

Many of us in the student body are under the misconception that Deliveroo cyclists are paid a good wage per hour, yet strikers announced that not only do 'employers change their pay and conditions without consulting (them)' but are also 'made to travel longer distances for not much more or even the same pay.'

Riders are often left standing in restaurants, sometimes for as long as 1 hour while food is being prepared. This is unpaid.

Animosity was intensified last week when UberEats couriers in London were handed a 40% pay cut, as the minimum pay was dropped from £4.26 a delivery to £2.62.

Hannah Worthington / Strike Action information from UberEats and Deliveroo

A student at the University, and employee at Deliveroo, encouraged his peers not to use food services as a way to support the strike action.

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