New intramural season kicks off in early October


By Freddie Keighley, Online Sport Editor

The dawn of a new academic year signals the start of another exciting season of intramural sport for Bristol University students. The semi-competitive weekly fixtures that are available in men’s football, badminton, mixed hockey, basketball and mixed netball axre a fantastic way to keep active and meet new people from your course and halls of residence.

I sat down with Owen Folland, vice captain of intramural football side Past & Move FC - who represent the History Society - to find out how he first participated in the intramural programme in the 16/17 season.

‘I first got involved in intramural during my first few weeks at university. I have always liked playing sport and thought it was a great way to meet new people during a difficult settling in period in Bristol.

‘The History Society advertised vacancies in the team and I went the following week. What struck me when I first arrived was the openness of it all. Everyone was very welcoming and it didn’t matter where you were in your degree - everyone was part of a team.

‘Since then I have gone every week and help organise a lot within my team. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy playing intramural. As well as the actual enjoyment of playing football, I have loved the social aspect and have made some of my best friends at university through playing with them on cold wet Wednesday afternoons on the Downs.’

By now you’re probably wondering when intramural sport takes place so you can get stuck in. Football fixtures kick off at 2pm each Wednesday on The Downs, with the season starting on 10 October. Mixed hockey occurs at 3pm on Sundays, commencing from 7 October. Badminton games occur twice a week for teams of four to eight people, starting on Saturday 6 October. The basketball season starts at 10am on 6 October for teams of six to ten players. Finally, the mixed netball season starts at Coombe Dingle on 7 October, with the first matches taking place at 10am. For more information, check the intramural area of the Bristol Student Union website, or get in touch with Tom Wallis, Student Development Coordinator for Sport and Physical Activity.

Intramural costs very little to be involved with and is often already paid for by clubs, societies and halls of residence. To get involved with the intramural programme with your halls of residence this year, find out more from your JCR. It’s not a problem if you sign up later in the term! To get involved with society teams, contact committee members or course reps. Don’t forget that you can also set up your own intramural teams with your friends, just visit the intramural website.

Stay tuned to Epigram Sport online throughout this year for the unveiling of an exciting new area of the website dedicated to covering intramural, including tables, results, fixtures and performances of the week updated regularly. The upcoming 18/19 season will be a great time to get involved with intramural, even for those who aren’t freshers and haven’t participated before - get stuck in and leave a comment below about how you get on!

If you have more questions about the intramural programme, get in touch at

Featured image by Bristol Student Union