Review: IAMDDB @ Marble Factory


Hendrike Rahtz reviews independent Manchester artist IAMDDB's 'moonlight' themed set at Marble Factory last week

IAMDDB is a 22-year-old musician from Manchester. Signed to herself, she works hard to be an independent multi-genre performer. On April 16 she performed at Marble Factory.

'Moonlight' was the mysterious theme for IAMDDB’s particular gig in Bristol. Currently she’s touring over the UK, where each venue hosts a different theme. While it was never going to happen that I would be able to dress in all-white attire to match the given theme, a white top and grey jeans was sufficient. The singer herself donned sparkly silver thigh highs and a loose white shirt which gave the moonlight theme a special touch.

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Sold out, the room was particularly packed. It only added to the casual vibe that she was trying to achieve - the audience both sang in time with her and when she held the mic out to them. Her music comprises a mix of jazz, hip-hop, and others, which makes the change from her songs exciting and unexpected. She being of similar age to most people in the audience gave a youthful and modern connectivity.

Throwing the audience plastic roses, IAMDDB showed a lot of love to her fans. She’s coy with her talent, saying that we may have not heard some of her songs. It is true that not all her music is available on large platforms, but snippets of her new stuff are given in 24 hour time limits on her social media. Nevertheless, its always exciting when an artist hits the audience with exclusive new tracks that we can look forward to.

Her performance was especially enjoyable because she’s a fairly new artist and she has the energy of one. It’s her first tour and she’s enjoying the performance as much as us; her music is recognisable as her own but with an added hint of soul, because she’s singing live.

Even though she knew everyone in the audience loved her she still kept thanking everyone for supporting her, and interacted with the audience to the point where you felt special to attend one of her performances.

IAMDDB is a fresh breath into the independent music industry, where her voice is raw yet beautiful, her lyrics relatable yet personal, and the eclectic combination of influences from multiple genres makes her name one to look out for.

Featured image: Flickr / AnaViotti (Side Stage Collective)

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