Students offered free pen to make up for missed teaching


The University has offered all students affected by UCU industrial action a complimentary "University of Bristol" branded pen to apologise for missed tuition.

The move, hailed by some as "more than making up for my weeks of misery", comes as many under-pressure third years put the finishing touches to their dissertations and students start revision for summer exams.

Bristol students will save a whopping £1.20 on this frosted pen (image from Bristol SU website)

In an email sent to all students, Mike Scribe, Director of Student Freebies, said:

"We recognise that the recent UCU industrial action will have caused some of you considerable stress and anxiety, so, after much wrangling with senior management, we're offering all students a free pen, in official University of Bristol branding, to make up for it.

"You could write corrections on your dissertation, or even use them for your exams (well, those not affected by strikes, of course).

"We know you'll be blown away by this generosity and kindness, so do be sure to pass your thanks on to the Vice Chancellor, without whom this simply would not have been possible"

It remains to be seen the affect this move will have on University finances, though much of the money from this unprecedented handout will have to come from unpaid staff salaries.

One third year told Epigram "there's nothing I love more than tacky commercial free pens to go in my tacky commercial free pen collection! I'm bought!"

Editor's note: If you are reading this article after April 1st, please take a note of the date before trusting it as a reliable source of information.

How will you be using your free pen? Let us know!
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