Stanford re-elected in tight race for Union Affairs



After a week of campaigning the winners of the Bristol SU elections were announced

The Balloon Bar played host tonight to the results announcement of the SU elections. Turnout was down from last year's record numbers but there was still a strong showing with 3130 students voting for the role of Union Affairs Officer alone which was the highest number for any position and one of the closest run races.

This year's elections saw 7070 students cast votes which was down from 7400 in 2017. In total 30,265 votes were cast which was also down from last year which saw over 32,000.

Over 86% of those who voted were undergraduates. In total nearly 31% of all undergraduates voted which was also down from last year when over a third voted. It is worth mentioning, however, that recent strikes have meant many have not had lectures where last year many chose to campaign to acquire votes.

The Union uses the single transferable vote system where, in the event of multiple candidates, those with the least votes are eliminated after each stage with voters casting a preference vote for each candidate. The winner is then decided between the final two candidates remaining after eliminations.

Stanford was re-elected Union Affairs Officer after defeating his only challenger Chanté Joseph. The race was incredibly close with just 33 votes separating the candidates; Stanford acquired 1545 votes which was the most for any full time officer who was challenged by an opponent.

In the race for Student Living Officer Vanessa Wilson was elected unopposed after receiving 1816 votes with her only challenger withdrawing earlier in the race. This meant she received the most votes of any full time officer.

Undergraduate Education was another two person race with 2295 votes being cast. Nasra Ayub ultimately defeated Dylan Woodward after receiving 1180 votes.

The role of Equality, Liberation and Access Officer was won by Sally Patterson with 2952 votes casts. With four candidates running voting went to a second round with Sally defeating Maheera Zubair after winning 1265 votes.

Shubham Singh was elected Postgraduate Education Officer after defeating five other candidates for what was the most contested position. After the fifth stage of voting Shubham was elected with 780 votes after 1864 were cast altogether.

Finally, the role of Sport and Student Development Officer went to Ginny Troughton after she defeated Isaac Haigh. 2200 votes were cast altogether with Ginny acquiring 1486 in total.

Women's Rugby saw the largest turnout of a society with over 50 eligible voters with over 78% voting, this was closely followed by PantoSoc at just under 78%.

Classics (BA) had the highest turnout of a study programme with over 50 eligible voters at just over 52% with Music (BA) close behind at just over 51%.

The full results of the SU elections can be seen below:

Full-Time Officers:

  • Union Affairs - Stanford
  • Student Living - Vanessa Wilson
  • Undergraduate Education - Nasra Ayub
  • Postgraduate Education - Shubham Singh
  • Equality, Liberation & Access - Sally Patterson
  • Sports & Student Development - Ginny Troughton

Chairs of Networks:

  • Societies - Jade Campbell
  • Sports - Ed Hanton
  • RAG, Volunteering & Sustainability - Maddy Kunkler
  • Wellbeing - Hester Careless
  • Student Council: Zoe Backhouse
  • Women's - Chloe Lake
  • Disabled Students - Felix Manocha-Seymour
  • LGBT+ - Nura Alyah
  • BME - Eva Larkai
  • Trans - Charlotte Buchanan
  • International - Marina Rodriguez Rubio

Postgraduate Faculty Reps:

  • Arts - William Hamilton
  • Engineering - Joshua Mudie
  • Health Sciences - Jessica Naylor
  • Life Sciences - Edmund Moody
  • Science - Chris Brasnett
  • Social Sciences and Law - Jafia Camara

Undergraduate Faculty Reps:

  • Arts - Michael Natzler
  • Engineering - Dario Quintero Dominguez
  • Health Sciences - Anthony Charalambous
  • Life Sciences - Anders Morris
  • Science - Sally Emerson
  • Social Sciences and Law - Julio Mkok

Featured Image: Epigram/Ollie Smith

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