Bristol students launch charitable feminist fashion label


Two Bristol students today launch an ethical feminist fashion rage that aims to fight inequalities by spreading an empowering message and raising money for women’s charities.

She-Shirts, founded by students Sally Patterson and Ceini Bowen, will sell T-shirts featuring feminist designs and messages such as ‘Woman Up’ and ‘Sexism isn’t Sexy’.

FIRST COLLECTION ARRIVES TOMORROW. 28.02.18. #feministfashion

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All proceeds will go to women’s charities such as Women’s Aid, supporting victims of domestic violence; Smart Works, helping vulnerable women to find jobs; and Bloody Good Period, providing menstrual supplies to those who can’t afford them.

Each T-shirt will tell the story of a different contemporary challenge faced by women. ‘All bodies are beautiful’, for example, will challenge the modern demand for women to conform to an idealised body image.

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Ethical production is a core value of the label, and the T-shirts will be manufactured by Teemill, printed in the UK using low-waste printing technology in a renewable energy-powered factory, and made from certified organic cotton sourced from ethically accredited suppliers.

The venture is volunteer-led, and the founders, models, photographers and graphic designers will all be unpaid.

Sally Patterson, co-founder, said: ‘As modern feminists, our aim is not just to highlight inequality but also to do something tangible about it.

'Our aim is not just to highlight inequality but also to do something tangible about it'

‘Our she-shirts may be playful but our business model and our message is serious, powerful, philanthropic, and designed to change the prevailing narrative of the patriarchy.’

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Jecca Powell

Online News Editor / Second year English student