March planned to protest proposed halls changes


Keep Our Communities and Wills Meme-orial Building have collectively organised a march to protest the proposed Residential Life Model.

The march is scheduled for the 3rd February 2018. One will begin at Stoke Bishop Transport Hub and another at Bristol SU. The two will meet at Wills Memorial at 3pm.

On the event's Facebook page, it stresses that 'this will be a friendly mrach, but with a serious message.' It is accompanied by #HandsOffOurHalls.

Protestors are invited to bring signs, banners and music with the aim to 'show the University management that our communities matter, and that these changes will cause more harm than good.'

Keep Our Communites told Epigram: 'The aim of the protect is to demonstrate the opposition to the changes proposed by RHS. We believe that the seriousness of the likely consequences of this review are not being appreciated by the university.

'We plan to demonstrate the community spirit fostered in Bristol through the Halls of Residence, in their current form. As states in the event info, this will be a friendly march, and we would like to invite anyone from the community who would like to come along and march with us to keep our communities.'

The march is in response to the proposed changes to the pastoral provision in halls. Changes include the removal of Wardens and Deputy Wardens, the reduction of Senior Residents by 2/3 and grouping residences into three new hubs.

The University say the review aims to enhance 'the level, quality and consistency of support' in halls and in repsonse to 'extensive consultation' proposed the new model.

There has been considerable opposition to the plans from both past and present students and halls staff. They argue these changes will threaten the wellbeing of students due to the reduction of staff 'on the ground' and will destroy hall communities.

Keep Our Communities was founded in December by JCR committee members, senior residents, bar staff members and students in response to the changes and meme page Wills Meme-orial Building has also spoken out about the changes.

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Alex Boulton

Editor in Chief 2017-18, Online Style Editor 2016-17. History student.