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10 top tips your Freshers' guide forgot to mention

Deputy Editor, Nikki Peach, lists 10 things to keep in mind before you start at the University of Bristol.

Congratulations on securing a place at the University of Bristol, despite questionable student satisfaction rates, a flagging global reputation and incessant rainfall it continues to be one of the most sought after universities to spend the extortionate higher education fee!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Prepare to be asked what school you went to and/ or where in London you are from. (If you are from a “well-known” school shall we say and/ or have a house in London- perhaps consult a map of the UK before asking what anything beyond Surrey is.)
  2. The stereotype of dressing like a Bristol student has evolved into a joke that literally encompasses all clothing styles so try to ignore it. If someone has the same second-hand, gem-encrusted denim flares as you then that could be a sweet conversation starter.
  3. There are lots of students who reside outside of the conveniently located Stoke Bishop campus, the way to meet them is to join one of the many societies (the uni newspaper perhaps), play a sport or approach them in person with a phrase such as, “hello”.
  4. For those short-legged such as myself, get used to a regular and deep-seated hill lunge on the ascent to your lectures.
  5. Your degree should come with a footnote of unspoken rules regarding where you can and cannot work. For example, the ASS (Arts and Social Sciences library for Arts and Social Sciences students) can get quite Lord of The Flies when you are searching for a free seat. If you are spotted size-ordering your test tubes or using a calculator, you will receive a judgemental glare.
  6. The gastronomic scene in Bristol is rather exceptional. I would recommend spending less on £20+ tickets for “nights” at Motion and more out for dinner with your friends because there is something (delicious) for everyone, on most streets, in most areas.
  7. There is a wide variety of music ranging from disco to techno to jazz in venues ranging from huge warehouses to basement bars to pizza restaurants. It goes without saying that the top 40 is also spoken for in a variety of locations.
  8. There always seems to be someone writing a play, producing a short film or launching an app alongside their degree. It is an exciting atmosphere to be part of when you are surrounded by so many proactive and talented people. Who knows, maybe one day they can hire you to pick up their dry cleaning!
  9. Surprisingly, what your overpriced Freshers' wristband doesn’t tell you is that Bristol is an amazing hub of culture. There is always something going on and Epigram will (try to) keep you informed!
  10. Remember to enjoy yourself and take this list of pointers with a handful of Himalayan pink salt.

Featured image: Nikki Peach