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Students to face fewer exams from September 2024 as uni plan shake-up of academic year

The changes include TB1 exams in December 2024 rather than January 2025 and Welcome Week starting a week earlier.

By Will Standring, News Editor

In a statement to Epigram, the University of Bristol has confirmed the initial details of the planned changes to the academic year from September 2024 onwards.

Although the full plan is set to be released in February, Epigram can outline the key aspects:

  • A move towards fewer exams for students.
  • Teaching Block 1 exams will take place in December before the winter break, instead of in January (from September 2024).
  • Welcome Week will start a week earlier (Monday 9th September).
  • Preparation weeks will be introduced, taking place the week before assessments and in the first week of TB1.
  • Consolidation weeks will be introduced, taking place midway through each teaching block.
  • The summer assessment period will be brought forward from 2025, allowing for an earlier summer vacation.

The changes have been made following feedback from students.

In particular, students say that there is not enough time to plan for reassessments and that the winter vacation is overshadowed by revision for January exams.

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: 'In collaboration with students and staff, we have been working on an updated schedule for the academic year that prioritises wellbeing and improves the student and staff experience.

'After many months of work and consultation with the University community, we are nearly in a position to announce all the details of these improvements. The new structure will start in September 2024.

'What we can say now is that Welcome Week will start a week earlier and the January exams will move to December, meaning that students complete their exams before the winter break.

'We’re also adding in preparation weeks before assessments and a preparation week ahead of Teaching Block 2, which will function like a second Welcome Week.

'Overall, the University is moving towards assessing students with fewer exams and that is also reflected in the updated schedule.

'We are really excited to share more details with our community in February.'

Featured Image: University of Bristol

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