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Sonotto @ The Exchange – “Bristol based Electronic-Ambient artist is back with another adrenaline-pumping sonic boom”

Dubbed Bristol’s answer to Ziggy Stardust, Sonotto enthralled audiences with his signature live performances, brimming with unbridled energy.

by Milan Perera, Critic Columnist

After his triumphant debut album, “Could We Be Closer”, the Bristol based Electronic-Ambient artist, Sonotto is back with another adrenaline-pumping, high-racing sonic boom: his latest single, Veil.

Dubbed Bristol’s answer to Ziggy Stardust, Sonotto enthralled audiences with his signature live performances, brimming with unbridled energy. The Stirling-born musician made Bristol made his home since 2018. A proud alumnus of the prestigious Bristol Music College (BIMM), which had been the home for artists such as George Ezra and Mercy Sotire, Sonotto has been performing at various venues and stamping his hallmark in the burgeoning local Electronic-Ambient scene.

He is the consummate artist who lets his musical projects breathe and mature like fine wine. The seed for the current single was sown over a year ago back in April 2021. Sonotto is heavily influenced by the No Wave movement which dominated the 70s and the current single pays homage to artists such as Mercier Descloux and Liquid Liquid. For the main loop of the track, he samples the soaring string section of the Dinah Washington classic, Lover Man. But what he does with the sample is nothing short of astonishing. He transposes the sample a whole octave down and embellish it with a kaleidoscope of drumbeats, vocals and riffs.

The launch party for the single was held at the intimate music venue of Exchange at the Old Market. The 60-minute set was no doubt a memorable night for everyone present. It had the ambience of an Ibiza night where sweaty, writhing bodies danced to the rhythm of Sonotto’s music.

The unveiling of the single, Veil was met with raucous approval from the tightly packed audience. In this single, Sonotto prominently featured his vocals which he so far used only sporadically. The lyrics were also written by Sonotto himself. This hypnotic, genre-bending single guarantees to transport you to an ethereal Dionysian realm. He also played fan favourites such as Casual Sex along with a series of mesmeric tracks that went down a treat with the crowd. Sonotto too joined the elated audience in the dance floor with his energetic dance moves.

Photo Credit: Milan Perera 

The final quarter of the segment featured a trio of skilled soloists: Ollie Morris on the saxophone, Elina Balli on bass and Holly Eve Bradley on the vocals. And the finished product certainly did not disappoint. Morris who collaborated with award-winning artists such as Emile Sande is renowned for his warm and lush tone which blended beautifully with the phrenetic bass line of Balli, which then sweetened into a melange of such delights with the vocals of Bradley and Sonotto.

Photo Credit: Milan Perera 

Sonotto also played a string of unreleased material to check the audience response. He needn’t have worried as they were given a unanimous seal of approval. Sonotto remains tight-lipped about the new material. When inquired, he responded with a smile and glint in his eyes, “You’ve got to wait and find out haven’t you?”

The show was promoted by Lydia Orr from BIMM who was beaming with pride as the night ended on a resoundingly high note. What is in store for Sonotto next? Watch the space..

Listen to Sonotto's music here:

Featured Image: Milan Perera

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