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Salzburg at Christmas

The Croft Magazine // Isha Vibhakar tells us how best to spend a festive break in Salzburg : because it's never too early to get planning for Christmas 2021.

By Isha Vibhakar, Second Year, Theatre and Film

The Croft Magazine //  Isha Vibhakar tells us how best to spend a festive break in Salzburg : because it's never too early to get planning for Christmas 2021.

From music aficionados to cinema lovers, Salzburg is a sensory delight for all those exposed to its grandeur. The festive spell that this city casts gives a whole new meaning to the idea of having yourself "A Merry Little Christmas".

Book yourself onto The Sound of Music tour

The promise of experiencing the classic musical with your own eyes is what brings every Von Trapp enthusiast to Salzburg’s most popular tour. Expert guides and exclusive titbits make this themed walk the best way to explore the picturesque shoot locations of the award-winning film. Dance to the tunes of Do-Re-Mi at the Mirabellplatz, or sing to the iconic 16 going on 17 and Edelweiss at the original gazebo situated in the gardens of Hellbrunn Palace and more! What better way is there to spend an afternoon than to immerse yourself in a nostalgic walk down the memory lane?

Watch the Silent Night musical on Christmas Eve

“Silent Night” is a song of consolation and hope, the magic of which has remained unparalleled for over 200 years now - so it's no wonder that this classic musical features in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Owing to its roots in Salzburg, watching this musical makes it one of the best ways to spend a Christmas Eve. The history of this timeless tune traces back to 1816, when Salzburg’s very own clergyman Joseph Mohr authored the poem “Stille Nacht”: known to the English-speaking world as “Silent Night”. Upon further request, Franz Xaver Gruber - a teacher from Upper Austria - added the melody and a few years down the line families from the Zillertal valley carried the song from Austria into Europe, and then to the rest of the world. Today, the song is performed in over 300 languages and dialects.

Check out the Christmas Markets

Satiate gourmet tastes with Salzburg’s culinary delights  (schnitzel, sausage and goulash) amidst the merry bustle of the Christmas markets. It is the lingering aroma of hot, roasted chestnuts, freshly baked gingerbread toasted almonds and mulled wine that usually attract visitors on chilly, Christmas nights.

'I am sixteen, going on seventeen'... | Epigram / Isha Vibhakar 

Get your Hohensalzburg Fortress Dinner and Mozart Concert tickets

Besides serving as a backdrop to musicals, Salzburg is also home to native child prodigy and composing genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The best way to experience Mozart-ian magic is by first dining like an Austrian with a sumptuous 3-course meal at the Hohensalzburg Fortress, followed by Mozart’s effortless symphony performance revisited by famous musicians : all under a cosy, moonlit sky.

Explore Altstadt

Regarded as the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, Altstadt paints a quaint picture of the ideal Old Town. With cafés, bars, restaurants, plus special Christmas trinkets and goodies shops, Altstadt is a perfect spot for shopping, dining and holiday takeaways. The Christmas lights and tall, decorated pine trees add to the festivity of a cold December night.

Salzburg : it's the fairytale village of World Heritage Cities - and the glitz of winter concerts and the splendour of its palaces makes Christmas the perfect time to see Salzburg shine!

Featured Image : Epigram / Isha Vibhakar