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Police break up illegal rave attended by around 700 people on outskirts of Bristol

Police in Bristol last night attended to the scene of an illegal rave in Yate, where 500-700 people were reported to have been present.

By Filiz Emily Gurer, News Editor

Police in Bristol attended to the scene of an illegal rave in Yate on Saturday night, where 500-700 people were reported to have been present.

Avon and Somerset Police were alerted to the event taking place in a warehouse in Yate shortly after 10.30pm on 31 October.

The illegal event took place shortly after upcoming new lockdown measures for England were announced.

It was first estimated that around 250 people were in attendance, with an update from the Police at 12:02am confirming that the number was closer to 400-500.

A statement provided by the Police earlier today confirmed that a secure cordon was put in place by 4am and that up to 700 people were estimated to have been on site.

Police and Covid-19 enforcement officers responded to the event in Yate, engaging with the event’s organisers and attendees.

Rave legislation was implemented to break up the event, after members of the 500-700 strong crowd were violent towards the police.

Andy Roebuck, the Chair of Avon and Somerset Police Federation, said in a tweet that ‘a large number of officers [had] been assaulted’ and that ‘officers had bottles, bricks and other items thrown at them by young people who were determined to be in the rave.’

He also tweeted to say that ravers ‘were lighting aerosol canisters and using them as flame throwers at police officers.’

In a statement issued earlier today Chief Inspector Mark Runacres said: ‘This has been an incredibly challenging operation, with a large number of people in a confined space and several officers being assaulted.

‘We are working with neighbouring forces and the ambulance service to look to bring this event to a close in a controlled way that does not jeopardise the safety of people in the area.

‘This unlicensed event was organised in secret, despite people being fully aware of the ongoing risk to public health due to Covid-19. Their actions were wholly irresponsible and I am sure will disgust the overwhelming majority of people who are making huge sacrifices to limit the spread of the virus.’

Avon and Somerset Police confirmed that between 3pm and up to 12.30am on 1 November, they had received 103 calls about Covid-19 breaches.

Under Covid-19 regulations introduced in August, organisers of illegal raves risk being fined £10,000, whilst officers can also fine people attending illegal events £100.

Avon and Somerset Police have not yet released details of any arrests made or fines issued.

Featured Image: Snapchat

What do you make of the illegal event, which occurred just hours after new lockdown measures, due to come into force on Thursday, were announced?