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Persian Society protests the killing of young Iranians

Epigram/ Nadia Ferraris

By Nadia Ferraris, News Reporter

Many young Iranians, protesting against the Islamic regime's repressive laws are being killed by the authorities.

Protests in Iran were triggered by the death of a young Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, at the hands at the ‘Morality Police’ for incorrectly wearing a Hijab. It has since then escalated into protests that have engulfed the entire country; illustrating general dissatisfaction with the theocratic regime’s unfair compulsions and repression.

Currently, the Iranian government has temporarily suspended the morality police, however, it has not retracted compulsory hijab-wearing. The protests have continued and on the 7th of December, protests extended worldwide with many universities in the US and the UK participating.

The Persian Society at the University of Bristol was joined by other students in front of the Victoria Rooms to raise awareness. 'We are here today because it's National Students day in Iran and we are bringing attention to students detained, killed, and tortured in the past few months over just wanting to have the freedom of choice' said one of the protestors.'

Epigram/ Nadia Ferraris

Around 600 students fighting for their freedom have been jailed in the last three months, it is estimated. The families of the imprisoned students have claimed that their sons and daughters are being subjected to physical abuse, such as being beaten with cables, and psychological trauma.

The Iranian government is trying to clamp down on demonstrations, with the president, Ebrahim Raisi, giving speeches to small groups of pre-selected students and pinning the protests on false 'Israeli conspiracies'.

It is important that the government does not succeed in covering up their misdemeanour and the stories of students fighting for their rights must not go untold. 'We are here to hold up their pictures and give them a voice', said one of the protestors outside the Victoria Rooms. By holding up their pictures, their faces cannot be ignored and passers can't avoid taking in the image. This powerful protest has been replicated around the world and outside Iranian universities.

Image credits: Zamaneh Media/ Modares University 

This is the story of students who are fighting for liberty and the ability to live life on their own terms. Let us not forget them and show our support by listening to their stories.