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New U2 Unibus service to launch in Welcome Week

The buses will connect Langford to the Clifton Campus

By Lucy Downer, Deputy News Editor

In order to improve travel accessibility options for Vetinary students, the buses will connect Langford to the Clifton Campus.

On 24 September the brand new U2 Unibus service will make its first journey, connecting students at the Bristol Veterinary School in Langford to the Clifton Campus.

The U2 will be open to students, staff and members of the public, and was developed in response to feedback from staff and students at the Veterinary School. The service will be operated by First Bus and will be free for Veterinary students.

Second Year Veterinary student Isobel Corp said: 'It's a great idea and solves a lot of problems with having regular teaching on a campus so far away from the city centre.'

'It will definitely save time - last year we just had a set time for buses to pick us up in Bristol/Langford, and if you miss them you miss the whole day.'

This new service joins the already established U1 Unibus which has been running successfully for a year, connecting the Stoke Bishop Transport Hub to the Clifton Campus.

Bristol Veterinary School Manager, Dr Tom Podesta stated: ‘We are delighted to see the launch of this new service.'

'Not only will it make a huge difference to our staff and students but will also ease transport pressure for the local community by providing a direct link to Bristol and back.’

The hope is that the buses will not only help connect veterinary students with the rest of the Bristol campus, but will also provide a much-needed transport link for the local community and reduce the pressure of parking in Bristol.

Featured Image : University of Bristol

What do you think about the new service launching next week?

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