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How to travel when you can’t travel

The Croft Magazine // Lingfeng Ge tells us how we can cope when wanderlust kicks in.

By Lingfeng Ge, Third Year, Chemistry PhD

The Croft Magazine // Lingfeng Ge tells us how we can cope when wanderlust kicks in.

Travel isn’t so easy at the moment  – so when wanderlust kicks in, how can we cope?

  1. Remind yourself that this is an opportunity to save money for future trips.

Pandemics make travel tricky…! Public transport can be best avoided, you will need to watch closely for any updates on coronavirus restrictions, and there are few cultural or social events to enjoy… By keeping your money in the savings account now, you’ll have sufficient funds for post-pandemic trips – once this is all over, you’ll be able to enjoy travel as much as you want.

2.       You can also relieve some of your wanderlust by exploring your local area

If you’re living in the area around main campus, you can have a walk on Brandon Hill, or go further to The Downs, Leigh Woods, or Ashton Court for huge green spaces and beautiful views. If you live in the east part of Bristol, Eastville Park is a lovely place for a potter. If you prefer city views, then the Harbourside and area around Castle Park are great alternatives - you can even try a self-guided Banksy walking tour.

*Top Tip! Share your experience on Tripadvisor or other online platforms – writing down your experience will make you feel you’ve explored that place for the second time, further quenching your wanderlust*

3. Another way to reduce your wanderlust is to enjoy some cosy indoor activities

By finding something you really enjoy doing at home, your desire to get out and about may well drop. Now the university libraries have reopened – why not borrow some books? You can also participate in some virtual fitness classes, which make you feel healthy even when spending a lot of time indoors. And I suggest everyone do a bit of art at home: no matter it’s painting, handcrafting, or room decorating, it’ll lift your mood and make you feel more comfortable  and happy staying at home.

Featured Image: Epigram / Lingfeng Ge