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Ellie Evans: Indie-pop relatability for uni life

As part of our Rising series, Alice Dawson profiles Bristol indie-popster Ellie Evans.

As a third-year student at Bristol, Ellie Evans is well aware of the chaotic turns that life can throw at you, and is channelling that relatability through her music. Her music is for the “unhinged uni girls” focussing on the power of female friendships as the most important relationship to have during university and as a young woman. Taking inspiration from the likes of Dylan, Nieve Ella, and Rachel Chinouriri, Ellie personifies the new trends calling for authenticity and uncensored emotion. 

Ellie Evans’ discography serves as a sonic diary, with each track a candid reflection of personal experiences, in a generally relatable manner. From “Sweetheart”, about the bittersweet endings of childhood love, to “Breakfast on the Roof” (B.O.T.R), about the race that is life and the struggle to stay ahead, Ellie’s songs celebrate the unapologetic excitement and freedom found amidst the chaos of the evolution into adulthood. 

With three singles out on Spotify, Ellie has used “oversharing on social media” to expand her audience, and has even gone to the lengths of keeping 5 bin bags full of cheerio’s in her flat before her photoshoot for B.O.T.R. Ellie’s quest for inventive promotion of her music, has led to her plastering her number on the streets of Bristol to find the “sad unhinged indie girls” that will be the perfect listener for her new single. It seems this will be the newest move in what is becoming an already very exciting career. 

Not only that but she's already had a few ‘I made it moments’ come her way, including performing Discover Live with presenter and tastemaker Jodie Bryant in Kings Cross with a billboard in Leicester Square, at BoomTown with FooR with their mix of her song See You in June, and multiple plays on BBC Radio 1. 

Settling into her style over the past through years, Ellie has cemented what her music means for her, and the message she wants to spread; it is about understanding how hectic life can be, and equally how enjoyable that can be. 

“I sing through the evenings like a night owl, cause I can’t find my way out” 

The dramatics of life that Ellie captivates in her music found a very appropriate setting being played twice on Love Island, round the firepit. This can be appreciated as a fitting example of the chaos that is engrained in her lyrics. 

The essence of Ellie’s music lies in its message of empowerment and camaraderie among university girls navigating the complexities of modern relationships. The blurred lines of the “friends with benefits” dynamic is what she explores in “The Friend I Kiss” talking about the supposed ‘benefits’ being lost on her and feeling “crazy” with the lack of control in the situation, a struggle that is not unrecognizable to fellow university students. 

Locally, Ellie has been working with Sofar Sounds, doing secret location events, in a range of venues, most recently at Gather Round. The creativity and sprit that is ingrained within Bristol has been very much appreciated in Ellie’s musical journey, giving her access to not only great venues, but a receptive city to her “being annoying in public” to promote her music. She has been often recognised as “the girl from TikTok eating cereal out her window” (and has been known to carry cheerio’s around with her in a hope to “embarrass her friends, by making them film her promotions”). 

Furthermore, Ellie will be performing her first headline gig at the Louisiana on 1st March, an exciting progression in her music career in a new venue. She’ll be performing her song ‘Grace’ for the first time in front of its namesake, her best friend; a true testament to her appreciation of female friendship. This gig will be performed with her band, BIMM students Charlie Wall, Will Davies, and Jasiah Buck who have been working together recently, and whose talents will contribute to Ellie’s infectious energy on the night. 

Being in third year, Ellie is preparing to graduate, and is remaining focussed on her aspirations. Following plans of a return to London, where she studied at the Brit School, Ellie will be concentrating on releasing more singles, hoping that her success will lead to her own tour, and most importantly gracing the stages of Glastonbury with her music. Each release will be an ode to the vulnerability of life, making no attempt to hide how making mistakes is intrinsic to ‘growing up’.

Featured Image courtesy of Ellie Evans on Spotify

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