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At least 3 cases of drink spiking have taken place at the Wills Hall bar. 

Professor Robert Vilain, the Warden of Wills Hall, posted a statement on the Wills Facebook page yesterday evening, alerting residents to the first incident which happened in ‘recent days’, and warning them to be vigilant.

‘This is the first time I am aware of this happening in Hall, which is very disappointing,' he said.

‘I hardly need to say how disgusting and dangerous this practice is. It is nasty, predatory behaviour, and those who do it are beneath contempt.'

‘Do not leave drinks unattended, even for a minute’

‘Do not leave drinks unattended, even for a minute’, he warned Wills residents. ‘Men are vulnerable as well as women.'

This morning Vilain posted about two more incidents, and again warned students to ‘watch out for anyone who may seem to be “profiting” from anyone incapacitated.'

Two victims have reported the incidents to the warden, but have chosen to remain anonymous. The third has not yet made contact with him.

Vilain urges students to get in touch if they have been targeted, so that he can alert the authorities and ensure students’ safety.

Vilain told students he would inform them of every spiking incident reported, in order to ‘create awareness of the extent of the problem.'

'This type of behaviour is not acceptable'

Simon Bray, Director of Residential and Hospitality Services at the University of Bristol, said; 'this type of behaviour is not acceptable and we're extremely disappointed that it's been reported in one of our halls of residence.We’re offering support to those affected and would urge anyone with concerns or information to speak to their warden or a senior resident.

'The University’s Police Officer is now involved and will be looking into what has happened. We take a zero-tolerance approach to criminal behaviour and any student found to be spiking drinks will be reported to the police and will be subject to our internal disciplinary measures.'

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