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Deliveroo riders to strike again in Bristol tomorrow

Bristol Deliveroo riders are striking against low pay alongside 4 other UK cities this Friday (1st Feb).

By Lucy Downer, Deputy News Editor

Bristol Deliveroo riders are striking against low pay alongside 4 other UK cities this Friday (1st Feb).

Following the previous Deliveroo strike 2 weeks ago, Bristol is set to face another strike as riders want to raise awareness amongst customers and restaurants about Devlieroo's poor treatment of its riders.

Due to low wages and an ever-increasing travel distance, riders claim they are struggling to make ends meet.

At the last strike (18th of January) Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees, came to support the demands for better pay set by the Bristol Currier Network (BCN) of £5 per drop. Affiliated with the IWGB, the BCN intends to increase the political pressure on this multi-million company.


Riders protesting at the last strike: Thomas Katan / Freelance Photographer

Despite being backed by the Bristol City Council, IWGB and customers, Deliveroo managers have repetitively failed to respond to BCN demands.

The strike will come into affect from 6pm on Friday 1st Feburary for the entire evening, with riders meeting at College Green to log out of their delivery apps.

Rider demands include: a minimum payment £5 per order, higher pay per distance of £1 per mile travelled, paid waiting time equivalent to £10 per hour (or roughly 17p per minute), no victimisation for riders going on strike, and an immediate hiring freeze on new riders, as well as more information on pay, levels of demand and order location from Deliveroo.

Bristol Currier Network Organiser Tyrone said: 'Deliveroo changed our pay last year - they said this would mean we earned more. But instead, they cut pay and riders have had to work longer distances for less money. Deliveroo has repeatedly said they are working to deal with long wait times, but in reality, they are shifting the cost onto riders who still face waits of 20 minutes or longer.'

Bike courier Tyrone was at the meeting and later said: 'While hundreds of riders are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table, this attitude from management sums up why we're taking action on Friday - when Deliveroo decides it does care about what its workers want, we'll be ready to talk. Until then, the only way we can see pay and conditions improving for us if we fight for them.'

'Last year Deliveroo doubled their revenue thanks to us - couriers doing hard, dangerous work, working long hours in all weather.'

'They are now valued at more than £1 billion. But despite this, they have squeezed our pay and refused to improve conditions. We know they can afford to pay us more - on average we reckon they make £10 or more per order - but for doing all the work we are paid about £4 of this.'

'Come and support us at College Green at 6pm this Friday. This is just the beginning. We aren't going anywhere and unless conditions improve, there will be more action.'

Featured image: Thomas Katan / Freelance Photographer

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