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Comedian Jack Whitehall graces students with his presence at Lolas Lo's

Lola Tuesdays were spiced up when Jack Whitehall turned up after his show in Bristol last night.

‘Wonder if he got a Donervan’s’

The club on the Triangle quickly filled with fans and fame-seekers when Britain’s ‘King of Comedy’ appeared following a stand-up comedy show at Colston Hall. The show was the first of his tour ‘Jack Whitehall at Large’.

Lola Lo’s was crowded and didn’t allow further entry past 11.30pm. Fans were queuing for hours at the barrier to his VIP section, but he only gave a Bad Education to the lucky 8-10 who were allowed past throughout the night.

he gave me a bad education

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Georgia Marsh, whose 20th birthday was on the same night, managed to get a photo with him as a birthday gift. ‘It was such a funny birthday surprise to be in Lola Lo’s – of all places – with Jack Whitehall – of all people,’ she said.

‘You would never expect the Triangle to be a haunt for celebrities but here we are – Prosecco bottle in hand, dancing to JB with a top comedian.’

When asked by a student why he had come to Lola's (again, of all places), Whitehall responded that he had had a craving for it after finishing his show.

The celebrity allegedly went to the White Harte following his Colston Hall performance with friends who live in Bristol. An anonymous source told Epigram that the group left the club for a second year’s house when the club closed, and stayed there until 5am.


However, the comedian was not in the cheap club for its Fresh Meat, and him and his friends kept largely to themselves in the VIP booth in a League of Their Own.

‘How very JP’, one student said when told that Jack Whitehall’s Bristol friends went to Eton.

'We hope he comes back in the future'

Harvey Lola Lo commented that the staff members 'were really shcoked when we found out he had chosen to come to Clique Tuesday, he obviously knows where the party's at.'

'I only spoke to him for a few minutes,' Harvey continued, 'but he was so nice and was honestly just wanting to have a good time with his friends, which is understandable after doing a stand up gig. We hope he comes back in the future!'

A student who wished to remain anonymous made it into the VIP section and briefly held his hand, but was too star-struck to comment.

‘Wonder if he got a Donervan’s’, said Hannah Price.

It is not yet clear whether the celebrity did, or did not, get a Donervan's.

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