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Christmas has come too early

Please let us get over Halloween before we start hearing Bublé.

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By Lilly Hill, First Year English

Please let us get over Halloween before we start hearing Bublé.

I’m no scrooge. I enjoy the Christmas season as much as the next person.

The decorating the tree, the tacky lights, the carolling, the pretending to get on with your ‘old-fashioned’ uncle, the roast, the chocolate, the pigs in blankets, becoming the pig in the blanket: it’s all just a bit of merry fun.

But when I’m having Christmas ads shoved down my throat just seconds after I’ve thrown my pumpkin away, that’s when I have to put up my hands and say that it’s all just been taken a bit too far.

And by too far what I really mean is too early - much, much too early.

As I write this the date is the 22nd of November. Already, I’ve stumbled across the Christmas markets, been dazzled by fairy lights at every corner and had Mariah Carey stuck in my head for at least two weeks now.

In fact, I know someone who has already decorated their Christmas tree! Surely by the time the 25th rolls around there’ll be nothing left but a carpet full of pine leaves and tinsel?

To make it worse, someone played me a drum and bass remix of ‘The Fairytale of New York’ the other day. God forbid any clubs discover it- then there’ll be no escaping the premature Christmas chaos!

My proposal really is not that out there. I’m just saying that either we should start celebrating Christmas in December, or someone should be making advent calendars longer. Christmas music should not be playing as Guy Fawkes is still being roasted. I am sorry to say I do not ‘wish it could be Christmas everyday’- sorry Wizzard.

So please, if you’ve got any sense, put your stockings away just a little longer, save that mulled wine for a later date, take back down that mistletoe, just until the 1st.

Featured image: Epigram/Ffion Clarke

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