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Bristol University commemorates the Fallen

University of Bristol marks Remembrance Sunday with a special service held at the Dame Monica Wills Chapel.

By Milan Perera, Deputy Editor

The University of Bristol marked Remembrance Day at a special service held at Dame Monica Wills Chapel on Sunday, November 12.

 The event was attended by current students, staff and alumni to commemorate the Fallen from the World Wars, especially those who were part of the University community.

 The event was marked with a poignant significance as Dame Monica Wills Chapel was built in 1930, only nine years before WWII broke out. As the residents' chapel at Wills Hall, Dame Monica Wills Chapel has been held in great esteem over the years for special ceremonies and events such as the Remembrance Sunday.

Charlie Gunter led the service - Milan Perera

 The service was led by the University of Bristol alumni Charlie Gunter and was assisted by the members of the Junior Common Room (JCR) Committee at Wills Hall.

 The service included readings and popular hymns such as Be Thou My Vision and I Vow to Thee My Country which captured the solemnity of the occasion.

Benji Miller from JCR Committee - Milan Perera

During the service wreaths were laid on the Remembrance Memorial at the back of the chapel which was followed by an observance of two-minute silence facing the memorial.

Names of former Wills Hall residents who died during the WWII and subsequent wars were read out by Isabelle Phillips, President of JCR Committee.  

 Hannah Acworth played The Last Post on trumpet at the end of the observance of silence while Claude Barker accompanied the proceedings on the organ.

JCR Committee members organised the event - Milan Perera

 Speaking to Epigram, on the significance of the event, Isabelle Philipps said: ‘I think it's like a commemoration that links us all. Everybody has some tie, even if it's not a direct relationship that they've lost, but it's such an integral part of our history and part of the history of the world. And it's something we shouldn't ever forget. It’s so important that both old and young come back to have this time and to remember those who have lost.’

Dame Monica Wills Chapel - Milan Perera

 Alex Sedgley, from JCR Committee said: ‘I think it's really important as well to remember people of this hall (Wills Hall) and really chime with the tradition, but also people who have been here and served our country. And I think it's important that we do what we can to remember them especially at this moment.’

 Also speaking to Epigram, Benji Miller said: ‘It is important to come together as a community and remember those who have come before and served selflessly.’

Featued image:Milan Perera

Did you attend any Remembrance Day event?