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Bristol's hottest open day

Bristol welcomed 20,000 prospective students for a day of high temperatures and university taster sessions.

By Lottie Leigh, News Reporter

On Saturday the 9th of September, Bristol University welcomed approximately 20,000 prospective students to its wonderful campus spread out across the heart of the city.

Although the last open day to be held until term starts, it certainly was not one to forget and that is not just because of the scorching temperature! The occasion was even noticeable to the general public with Tyndall Avenue, Woodland Road and Priory Road closed off. With tour guides in every direction you look, there was certainly no chance of getting lost throughout the day with plenty of maps provided to guide you throughout the campus!

Spread over the campus were an array of stands showing what Bristol has to offer academically including its variety of courses.

University of Bristol’s Swimming and Water Polo club at the Royal Fort Gardens - Lottie Leigh

Speaking to Professor Tim Osborne of Sociology as to why one should choose Bristol as a place to study, he answered that aside from his love for the South West, Bristol is a lively and welcoming city that really gets to know its students.

The hectic day featured various student groups scattered around the campus giving prospective students a taste of the social side of Bristol University. However, these various student groups are open to everyone and not just future students! There are approximately 350 sports groups and societies in total at the university.

Some of these groups at the open day included the University of Bristol’s Swimming and Water Polo Club (UBSWPC) at the Royal Fort Gardens which offers swimming at both competitive and fitness levels as well as Water polo. Committee members Niamh, Charlie and Lucy said the best part of this society is its inclusivity and how it allows students within this society to spend time together and unwind from studies including going on nights out around the triangle away from the pool!

If you are a wethead, this is definitely something to consider; the society is open to all students studying at Bristol. Opportunities to sign up for this society include the freshers fair held on the Downs on the 22nd of September.

Bristol University Music Society (BUMS) - Lottie Leigh

Another society present was Bristol University’s Music Society (BUMS) which offers over 35 different music groups made up of different ensembles. There is something for everyone no matter your standard.

President of the society Matt and Chamber Music coordinator Anna said the best bits of this society include the famous scavenger hunts and various external concert trips.

As well as the social and academic side, there were plenty of places to eat including a variety of pop-up food stalls serving a wide range of foods including Middle Eastern food, vegan food and burgers.

Tansy Jessop, the Pro-vice chancellor for Education at the university, said ‘Welcoming excited prospective students and their loved ones to the University is one of the highlights of the year for us’.

Indeed, this open day certainly showed what being a student is all about in Bristol and all the university has to offer to future students as well as current students!