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Bristol to invest £16.8m in 400 new PhD scholarships

Over the next four years the University of Bristol will invest £16.8 million in postgraduate scholarships.

By Jess Millson, Co-Deputy News Editor

Over the next four years the University of Bristol will invest £16.8 million in postgraduate scholarships.

A new annual investment of £4.2m (totalling £16.8m over four years) will be used to create 400 new PhD scholarships. The University of Bristol currently offer 100 fully funded Postgraduate Research Scholarships across the six Faculties and 25 schools.

The investment intends to expand upon the success of current Bristol University scholarships such as the Black Bristol Scholarship Program, which has supported 40 postgraduate students this academic year, the Bristol Bursary and the Sanctuary Scholarship scheme.

The scholarship schemes are vital in supporting a wider range of scholars to carry out invaluable research in fields such as climate protection and medical engineering.

Scholars’ tuition fees will be covered in full, as well as receiving a stipend to cover living costs and support their studies. Professor Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Bristol said that the announcement ‘is a huge moment for the future of academic research.

‘They are responsible for world-changing ideas and technologies that we may all one day rely on. Many also go on to teach the next generation of students and researchers.

‘Postgraduate researchers not only push the boundaries of their fields, but also build the world of tomorrow.’

Professor Robert Bickers, Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Research, said: ‘The story of research at the University across its history to date has very much been shaped by its postgraduate researchers.

‘They shape the University itself, and their impact across the international research landscape, and across societies and across the world has been profound.

‘We face many challenges globally as we look forward to the post-pandemic world, and these new researchers trained here will be at the forefront in tackling these. I am delighted to see this increased investment for postgraduate research that will build on, and expand, Bristol’s tradition.’

The announcement comes 100 years after the University of Bristol awarded its first PhD.

Featured Image: University of Bristol

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