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Bristol Uni Emeritus Professor calls for Jewish Labour Movement event to be ‘blown up’

Police contacted while Bristol Jsoc denounce comment as 'anti-semitic and disgraceful'; the retired Sociology professor claims tweet was 'only banter'.

By Will StandringNews Editor

Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Bristol, Harriet Bradley, called for ‘someone [to] blow up the venue’ of the Jewish Labour Movement One Day Conference in a now-deleted post on X.

The Emeritus Professor title is given to retired academics who have made ‘significant contribution to the University as an academic leader and for a significant period of time’.

Bradley was listed on the university’s Directory of Experts until recently but has been deleted from the page.

The Jewish Labour Movement Conference is scheduled for January 2024 and will feature senior shadow cabinet members Wes Streeting, and Bridget Phillipson as well as Blairite stalwart Peter Mandelson.

Bradley was a Labour Party Councillor for Brislington West until July 2020 when she stood down due to ill-health.

She had previously been suspended by the party in December 2019 for a comment on Facebook which read: 'The right kind of Jews - ie left voters.'

While Bradley has now deleted the post calling for the blowing up of the conference, her feed still contains many posts denouncing Israel including this tweet accusing them of weaponising the Holocaust.

In a statement to Epigram Harry Isaacs, President of Bristol JSoc, said:

‘Bristol JSoc firmly stands against the anti-semitic and disgraceful comment shared this morning that simply incites violence and deep hatred against Jewish students.

'We hope that swift and harsh action is taken on the back of this comment online and hope to see all hate, racism and anti-semitism removed from campus.’

The Union of Jewish Students commented on the matter, calling for swift action from the University.

Both Avon and Somerset Police and the Community Security Trust have been contacted over the social media post.

Bradley told the Jewish Chronicle that the threatening tweet was ‘only banter! A joke! But I do realise now it was in bad taste and would like to apologise to all those offended or frightened by it'.

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: 'We are deeply dismayed by the inflammatory comment on social media from a former employee who has long retired and are taking appropriate action.'

Following these developments, on Friday, December 8, the University confirmed the removal of Professor Bradley with immediate effect: 'We can confirm that we have withdrawn the Emeritus and Honorary Status of retired employee Professor Harriet Bradley with immediate effect.'

Featured image: University of Bristol

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