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Ready to step up? SU Election nominations open

Nominations for Bristol SU TB2 Elections have opened with both full and part-time roles up for grabs.

By Ellyssa Rozahan, News Investigations Editor

Now that exam season is over, gear up for TB2 election season! Nominations for SU Full Time Officers (FTO), Course Reps, Faculty Reps and other roles are now open and set to close on the 22nd of February. 

The Full Time Officers roles open include:

  • Union Affairs Officer: Represent the interests of University of Bristol students and work with 350+ Student Union affiliated student groups.
  • Student Living Officer: Ensure University of Bristol students are well-informed on accommodation, financial matters, and welfare. Read Epigram's interview with incumbent Student Living Officer Izzy Russell here.
  • Equality, Liberation and Access Officer: Ensure voices from an array of backgrounds are represented within both the Student Union and the University.
Three of the incumbent Bristol SU Full-Time Officers - Bristol SU
  • Sport & Student Development Officer: Represent the interests of sports groups, and ensure students have opportunities to engage in sport.
  • Undergraduate Education Officer: Represent the interests of undergraduate students and ensure concerns like learning and teaching experience are addressed.
  • Postgraduate Education Officer: Represent the interests of both taught and research postgraduate students. Epigram interviewed Timber Hill, Bristol SU's current Postgraduate Education officer earlier this year. Read here to learn about the role and the challenges facing post-grads.
  • International Students’ Officer: Represent the interests of international students (EU and Non-EU) and actively address any forms of discrimination or barriers to their experience. Read our interview with International Students' Officer Bakhtawar Javed here.
Timeline for the TB2 Elections - Bristol SU

If a full-time role isn’t your cup of tea, consider these part-time roles instead: 

  • Course Reps: Represent your course (e.g. Second Year Architecture Students) and voice out any concerns at Student Staff Liaison Committees.
  • Faculty Reps: Coordinate feedback from Course Reps and advocate for holistic changes to be implemented faculty-wide.
  • Student Trustee: Advocate for improved student experience of both current and future members.
  • Chair of Student Council: Ensure the SU’s democratic processes are fair, transparent and engaging for the student body by Chairing large democratic events i.e. Annual Members’ Meeting and Student Council).
  • Network Chair: Network Roles to be announced on 12th February after changes to roles following recent vote.

Head on over to the SU Website here for a full description of all the roles.

Featured Image: Element5 Digital via Unsplash

Are you thinking of running for a role?