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Bristol students required to record attendance on an app from 22nd January

Following an update from senior staff at the University of Bristol, the way in which attendance is recorded for timetabled teaching is set to change.  

by Seb Davies, Third Year, Philosophy

From the 22nd January 2023, attendance will no longer be recorded using various old methods used by the University, which included swipe cards and paper registers.

Instead, all undergraduate and postgraduate taught students will use the University of Bristol Check-In app to record attendance at in-person teaching.

The app is reportedly easier to use and will allow students to ‘see and better manage your own attendance data across all your classes in one place’, according to the University.

The app is able to track attendance by ‘verifying you are where you say are the moment you press check-in’, requiring location services to be enabled on your mobile phone.  

The University has stated the app is only able to track your location when you choose to check in on the app, and does not ‘track you in the background, send location data to the University, or tell us your location at any other time’.  

It is available to download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, although it can also be accessed through a web browser on either a phone or a laptop. For more information and queries about the Check-In app, head to the University of Bristol Website.

Featured image: Dan Hutton & Amelia Jacob

What do you think about the change in recording attendance?