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Former Bristol student launches magazine to help grads cope with post-uni life

A University of Bristol grad just co-founded an independent magazine about the challenges of post-grad life.

By Nina Bryant, News Sub-editor

A University of Bristol graduate has just co-founded an independent magazine, centring on the subject of post-grad life and how to cope with its challenges.

Quarterlife launches this week, and aims to offer honest insight and guidance into how to cope with the struggles of post-university life.

Joy Molan, former editor of award-winning magazine That’s What She Said, and her co-founder, Emily Parker, have referred to the period after graduation as ‘the lost year’ due to the increasing levels of loneliness and lack of direction.

Their recent Instagram survey found that 49 per cent of graduates find that their mental health suffers after leaving University, with only 50 per cent feeling hopeful about what the future will bring.

Despite how common these challenges can be, Joy and Emily found there to be a serious gap when it comes to platforms for discussing the difficulties faced by quarterlifers.

They hope to fill this gap by featuring the experiences of many young writers across the UK, covering topics such as ‘what it’s like moving back home’ and ‘questions about going freelance.'

The importance of having a platform for these discussions was highlighted by the fact that as many as 91 responses to their survey said they left full-time education feeling unprepared for post-uni life and work.

Talking about the magazine, Joy stated:

‘You’re spat out of the education system with no real understanding of how to get where you want to be… it can feel very demoralizing and lonely. Emily Parker and I were frustrated at the lack of content that reflected how challenging this age can be. So, we created the resource we wish we’d had.’

To get involved check out their website:

Featured image: Quarterlife Magazine

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