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BREAKING: Money saved from withheld strike salaries to be spent on students

The University has announced that it will be spending the pay withheld from the striking staff on students, with a focus on supporting wellbeing.

It is not yet decided exactly how the money will be spent, and the SU are looking for students views and opinions on the issue before a final decision is made.

To register your opinion on how the money should be spent, please follow this link and complete the survey.

You will be able to take part in this survey until the end of Thursday, 22nd March, and an announcement will be made on how the money will be spent on Friday, 23rd March.

Bristol SU Officers worked with UCU representatives and the University’s senior management team to come to this agreement. More information can also be found by following the above link.

'the University needs to acknowledge the impact of the strike on students'

Final year student, Nia Evans, spoke to Epigram saying that ‘It is good that they are spending the money on students, but I think that the University needs to acknowledge that the impact of the strike on students must be addressed.’

She went on to say, ‘They need to better communicate how they are going to support students, and compensate them for the effect that the strike has had on them in ways other than just spending money’.

Featured Image: Epigram / Hannah Wakefield

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