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Charles St Petroc, An Epigram Bristory

Epigram Arts presents part of a short story, or 'Bristory', about the romantic entanglements of a Bristol student.
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The decline and fall of Bristol: reflections on moving on and leaving behind

A third-year student shares their emotions around finishing university and spending their final days in a place which has become important to them.
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Opinion | Beef bans and dairy taxes are not conducive to British democracy

Flushed cheeks, a quivering inner thigh, adrenaline at the fingertips; a stiff snifter usually sets me steady, a second tips me slightly into nonsense. So I sat–standing I was told, is too adversarial–warm-blooded and loose-lipped at the recent VegSoc panel.
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Diary: Paris on strike (part 2)

Oliver Briscoe writes about a recent visit to Paris with his family in the format of a personal diary. Here is the second installment Oliver reflects on his visit to the French capital.
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Diary: Paris on strike?

By Oliver Briscoe, Third Year, Law Oliver Briscoe writes about a recent visit to Paris with his family in the
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Opinion | What students must learn from the general election

Surprised that despite the best efforts of the Student Union (SU) apparatchiks, acting on nomenklatura policy to campaign against Brexit, the country voted as it did.
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Opinion | Compassionate Conservatives - the Conservative party must re-embrace one nation conservatism to attract the student body

I often wonder why we are the pariah of the Bristol SU political spectrum, when most students here have Conservative voting parents and will vote Conservative. Apart from Brexit what is it that gives pride to those who have ‘never kissed a Tory’, so fervent usually because they have and enjoyed it.
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Opinion | Students must turn to the Tories to combat climate change

Conservative ideals are not at odds with environmental policy. Where the Left does not have a monopoly on compassion, the green movement does not have one on conservation
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