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Forget about the sights - it's all about the stops

Here is a tried and tested guide to a mini-break in the Catalan capital: forgetting about the sights, and making the most of all the stops.
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Dia de los Muertos - more than a Mexican Halloween

Many know about the Day of the Dead, but few understand its true cultural significance. Allow Lily Donnelly to tell you where it comes from, what it means today, and how to celebrate it properly.
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Thomas Cook: 1841-2019, the end of an era

We are all familiar with Mr Thomas Cook, or at least what his company used to be. As another British business faces financial collapse, Travel Editor Lily Donnelly takes a look at what the world of travel is leaving behind.
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Greener globtrotting

The saying goes that every little helps, and this couldn't ring more true in today's increasingly warm climate. Don't just travel, travel sustainably by following these easy steps.
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Anecdotes & Accomplishments: Travelling as a Woman

Lilly Donnelly celebrates International Women’s Day by showing us how even in places unfamiliar and uncomfortable for us, women will look out and protect one another.
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How to survive public transport on your travels

Buses, trains and planes can be hard to navigate... Luckily Lily Donnelly is on hand with her top tips for surviving transportation difficulties abroad.
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How to: group holiday

Lily Donnelly provides the low-down on how to group holiday abroad in a style that does not impersonate The Inbetweeners.
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What do accents have to do with Brexit?

Year abroad student Lily Donnelly argues for the importance of learning a new language - despite its difficulties - in the face of Brexit.
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