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Minari is a quiet yet passionate look at family and assimilation in 1980s America - it’s also one of the best films of the year

In a competitive awards season featuring big names and big budgets, Minari (2020) stands tall as one of the best films this year has to offer
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'Mank' is an enlightening but imperfect look at Golden Age Hollywood

A film sure to garner a lot of discussion amongst cinephiles, Fincher has returned with a beautifully flawed slice of Golden Age Hollywood.
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'Soul' is the life-affirming remedy to a terrible year - and one of the best Pixar films ever

Soul cherishes the everyday, it encourages introspection, and in this debilitating time that is the pandemic, I am so very grateful a film like this exists.
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Despite its star power, 'Supernova' is an inoffensive disappointment

It re-treads the ideas of conventional romance dramas of the same ilk, follows a structure that is so neat that it doesn’t separate itself from its contemporaries and disappears among them.
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The singular brilliance of James Cameron: a birthday retrospective

On the birthday of James Cameron, one of the most successful and talented directors of all time, Julius De La Rama discusses some of his best work
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"Da 5 Bloods" is the violent shot of energy that 2020 needed

In a cinema season that has been marred by delays and straight-to-VOD films that feel lazy and uninspired, Da 5 Bloods is the violent shot of energy that 2020 needed.
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