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‘Our mission is to continue telling history, not erase it’: The petitioners who want Wills Memorial renamed

Debates on the memorialisation of morally complex individuals and events have resurfaced to the forefront of national discourse owing to the Black Lives Matter movement, with the ideological battleground manifested around statues and memorials.
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Exercising during lockdown - dog walks, Joe Wicks, and Yoga With Adriene

Having previously been told sternly by PM Boris Johnson in March that the British public are only allowed to exercise from home, we have undoubtedly made the most of it.
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A Bristol student's campaign to support Black Lives Matter and increase awareness of systemic racism

With Bristol’s Black Lives Matter protest reaching a dramatic crescendo on Sunday with the tipping of the controversial Edward Colston statue into the Avon, one student has stepped up to raise funds for the Black Lives Matter movement.
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'Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it': A history of Bristol's race protests

With the harrowing footage of George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police provoking universal condemnation and nation-wide protest across the USA, the Black Lives Matter movement and its challenge to preconceptions about race have never been more important.
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'Never give up, and don’t let the bastards grind you down' | In conversation with Lady Hale

Hunkered down in her North Yorkshire home, and following her retirement from the Supreme Court earlier this year, the former University of Bristol Chancellor and ‘Beyoncé of the legal profession’ spoke to Epigram about her momentous year and her time at Bristol.
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Student's food delivery business steps up to help feed the vulnerable

With the COVID19 pandemic drastically altering the lives of people and businesses across the world, one student enterprise has adapted to the dire circumstances to help those most in need.
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Greta Thunberg's momentous journey from lone schoolgirl to international vanguard

With thousands expected to descend upon College Green today, Friday 28 February, to join Greta Thunberg for the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate march and school strike, it is easy to overlook the journey of the School Strikes for Climate movement.
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From trains to planes via growing pains: A history of the Bristol Aeroplane Company

A chance encounter in France between Baronet George White and the father of flight Wilbur Wright in 1909 set in motion a period of technological advancement so ground-breaking that its consequences for the shape of warfare, transport, and communication would be felt for over a century to come.
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