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Everyday Heroes: my best friend Georgia

TWSS x The Croft As part of our Women Empowerment series, the Croft asked people to write about strong women in their lives who inspire them. Our croft Editor Daisy Farrow chose her friend Georgia, and gives her reasons why.
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The best of Bristol in Bed, 2019

The Croft Magazine // Much like Spotify Wrapped, where you get to reflect on your year’s most listened to songs and your favourite albums, we’re doing something similar here.
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I'm dreaming of a greener Christmas

If you’re looking for a way to make sure you don’t end up on the naughty list thanks to your bad recycling habits, check out these few tips on how to make sure your Christmas is a green as can be.
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How to bag yourself a partner this cuffing season

As the winter month draws in, students everywhere begin the search for someone to keep them warm at night. Our editor Daisy Farrow gives you her best tips on finding a human hot water bottle this cuffing season.
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A guide to maintaining a long distance relationship

The Croft Magazine // Daisy Farrow gives a guide on how to maintain a long-distance relationship whilst at university based on her own experience. She emphasises communication, creativity, and commitment.
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