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When it comes to genes, less can be more

Researchers at Bristol’s synthetic biology research centre BrisSynBio are working to design cells with minimal gene numbers using supercomputers.
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Researchers create versatile synthetic neurons for the first time

An advancement in neuron replacement with silicon chips has arisen from international collaboration between universities from the UK, Switzerland and New Zealand.
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Do we really need to explore the cosmos?

Epigram interviewed Maggie Aderin-Pocock, presenter of the BBC’s ‘The Sky at Night’ and acclaimed space scientist following her talk at New Scientist Live, and discussed changing attitudes to space exploration, 50 years on from the lunar landings.
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Digital minimalism: should we detox from our devices?

Average UK internet usage has doubled in the past decade. In this technology-obsessed culture, should we limit our screen-time? Digital minimalism is one way to do this.
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NHS vs Vertex: The price of a life

The NHS and pharmaceutical company Vertex are in a dispute over the extortionate cost of Orkambi. This new cystic fibrosis drug could save thousands of lives, but what good are medicines if we cannot afford them?
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Netflix's Maniac: the weird world of psychedelics

By Genevieve Clapp, First Year Medicine Could the ideas behind Netflix’s ‘Maniac’ be closer to Science-fact than science-fiction? If,
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